A Toy is a plaything meant for children. In the Sandersons' House toys came to life once The Sandersons' Giga-Robo told the Aliens that it was his first wish. They all loved Giga-Robo for that. They all became sad once Giga-Robo had to shut down. They only come alive when the family isn't around. Chibi-Robo interacts with them quite well. Once Chibi-Robo has helped them out enough, most toys will give Chibi-Robo a Sticker. Once Chibi-Robo reactivates Giga-Robo, they all became really happy.

In Chibi-Robo!: Park Patrol toys were alive once again. The first toy met, Francois gave a different Chibi-Robo the first cartridge, the Repairs. After a toy in town has fainted from Sergeant Smogglor's ZAPOW attack, Chibi-Robo can recharge them by plugging into its heart, if Chibi-Robo has enough Watts, and cause the toy to want to help out the park. The toy will fulfill Park Projects when they are asked and given enough Watts. Once they fulfill a certain amount of Park Projects they are out of juice. They will stop working for you until you find them in a cardboard box or trash bag in town and recharge them again. They will give you a sticker once their dream has been fulfilled. The only toy that won't work for you is General Greenthumb who helps defeat Miasmo.

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