Princess Pitts is a toy that appears in Chibi-Robo! Plug Into Adventure!. She is a princess doll and lives in her castle in Jenny's Bedroom. One night when Sunshine was enraged, he attacked the castle, causing her to lose her Red Shoe. Once it is retrieved, talking to Mort will cause him to place a staircase in front of the castle, allowing Chibi-Robo to give it to her. She is afraid of scary things and needs Chibi-Robo to help her by using the ghost suit. After you help her, she is no longer afraid of scary things. Later her conflict with Sunshine continues when he wrecks her castle. She tries to beg him to stop but he doesn't listen, so Mort comes in and saves her from Sunshine and she falls in love with him. Later, Princess Pitts and Mort have two children that are identical to them but smaller.


Princess Pitts is very kind and friendly. She seems to hate germs, saying she wouldn't go walking with one shoe. She frightens easily and often faints after screaming.


She resembles Princess Peach. She has blonde hair, red shoe, wears a pink dress, and has light blue eyes.


  • Princess Pitts, Sophie, and Dinah are the only toys in Chibi-Robo! Plug Into Adventure! to be female; the rest are male.
    • Princess Pitts' design strongly resembles Princess Peach's design from the Mario series.
  • Princess Pitts is the only toy to have a strong conflict with another toy. She often has appeared to fear Sunshine for him destroying her castle despite her begs him to stop. Its unknown if she still holds a grudge for Sunshine or if she has forgiven him for his attitude towards her.
  • Princess Pitts, Mort and Funky Phil are the only toys to have children.
  • Princess Pitts is the toy that most closely resembles a human.
  • Princess Pitts will give you 2 Happy Points if you use the Squirter to squirt honey or nectar on her, calling Chibi-Robo a "naughty little robot".
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