Jenny's Room

Cleaning a crayon mark in Jenny's Room.

Jenny's Room2

Another view of Jenny's Room.

Jenny's Room is a room in the Sandersons' house. It's home to toys like MortPrincess Pitts , and Sunshine . The squirter  is located on the table in the room. The room is also the area where one of the two trash cans in the house is located.

Who's in Jenny's Room?

  • Jenny- Later on in the game, she can be found once in front of her little TV, talking about radar. When Mrs. Sanderson locks herself in her room, Mr. Sanderson starts sleeping outside the Bedroom at night and Jenny is sleeping in her bed again.
  • Sunshine- Sunshine wonders through the room a lot in the game. Sometimes he is by his honeypot tree, and sometimes he is walking around by the table in the middle.
  • Mort- Mort is at first in his box under the bed. He comes out a couple times to tell you his story, to watch you bring Princess Pitts her shoe, and then finally to rescue Princess Pitts from Sunshine. After you get the Mort and Princess Pitts sticker , Mort will be standing on his box next to Princess Pitts.
  • Princess Pitts- At first Princess Pitts is on top of her castle, but once you bring her her shoe she will come down and walk around underneath the table. After you get the Mort and Princess Pitts sticker, she will be next to Mort's box under the bed.
  • Mini Mort & Lil' Pitts- They are the children of Mort and Princess Pitts. After you get the Mort and Princess Pitts sticker, visit them again and they will introduce you to Mini Mort and Lil' Pitts. After th

Sunshine in his honeypot tree.

at, they just stand next to Mort's box and play a game they call "Beauty and the Beast".


Go to the Squirter  page to find out how to get the squirter.

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