This is about the robot named Giga-Robo. For information about the Sandersons' Giga-Robo, see The Sandersons' Giga-Robo.

Giga-Robo is a robot that looks like Chibi-Robo but is much larger and requires 1,000 times more energy to run, is 100 times heavier, and 10 times taller. They were made by Citrusoft, and according to Telly the Giga-Robo is one of the earliest models of robots they produced. The robots were quite popular when they came out (much like Chibi-Robos) until they caused an energy crisis. Unlike the Chibi-Robos which are meant for cleaning, the Giga-Robos seem to be more of a companion or source of entertainment.

The Sandersons' Giga-Robo

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The Sandersons' bought Giga-Robo for unknown reasons (apparently sometime back before they had Jenny). The Sandersons' loved Giga-Robo, and the companionship that came with him. One night an alien ship was about to crash in the Sandersons' backyard. Giga-Robo caught the ship preventing the crash, saving the lives of the aliens inside. In rejoice, the aliens decided to give Giga-Robo two wishes. His first wish was to "Give soul to toys.", as they were his friends too. After he realized that his (and other Giga-Robo's) energy consumption to too high, and after nearly bankrupting the Sandersons', Giga-Robo's second wish was for all Giga-Robos around the world "Give body that does not need energy." The aliens realized they did not have enough energy at the moment to grant this wish, and promised that they would return. Sometime later, The Sandersons' could not afford to keep Giga-Robo powered anymore.

He is eventually found years later by Chibi-Robo in the basement. The aliens returned soon after Chibi-Robo was purchased, and they still wanted to thank Giga-Robo with one more wish. After Chibi-Robo successfully reactivated Giga-Robo he finally made his second wish, after once again realizing that the Chibi-Robos would result in another energy crisis Giga-Robo wished for an infinite battery supply. This allowed him to function forever with any Chibi-Robo that plugs itself into Giga-Robo. After the events of the game, Giga-Robo now lives peacefully with the Sandersons, Chibi-Robo, and all the toys that thank him for bringing them to life.


  • Chibi Robo and Giga Robo were both created/designed by George "Joy" Ebisu.
  • Giga Robo's JP name, デカロボ(Deka Robo), is the combination of the words big (デカい、dekai) and robot (ロボ、Robo).
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