Funky Phil is a toy in Chibi-Robo! Plug Into Adventure!. He is a flower who loves dancing, always seen practicing his dance moves on the windowsill in the master bedroom.


Funky Phil is a colorful flower toy, with bright pink petals, a yellow face, and a square-ish blue nose. He has round blue eyes, and his mouth opens like a puppet. He has a long stem that leads into his rounded blue body, with 2 purple buttons on his front. His arms are long with wide sleeves, and his hands are yellow. The bottom half of his body is a purple flower pot with a large red switch on it.


Funky Phil is a very cheerful and optimistic guy. He loves to use the word "Funky" in his sentences, and always seems like he's having a fun time. He's nice to everyone, and while he was unsure about his kids at first, gives them the love that they deserve.


When he is first seen, the blinds are closed, trapping him behind them. Dinah, who is a good friend of his, tells Chibi-Robo to go free him from behind the blinds. Once free, Funky Phil thanks Chibi-Robo for his help, and Dinah and him chat for a bit. After Dinah makes a few bad jokes, Funky Phil sets up his stage to do a dance. After his dance, a seed falls off of him. Growing the seed using the Funky Sweat that is found near Funky Phil causes it to grow into 3 baby versions of Funky Phil, known as the Funky Phillies. They consider him their father, though he is opposed to it at first. He asks for the Drake Redcrest album from the living room, then dances to that with his new kids. Following this, another seed falls off of him, which grows into 3 more babies, including Freaky Phil. The kids practice posing, but after Freaky learns the pose, Funky Phil seems to "die" suddenly. Depressed, Dinah and the Funky Phillies hold a concert in his honor. Once it's over, Freaky Phil trips and turns Funky Phil back, and they realize that his off switch was accidentally pressed.


  • Funky Phil, Mort and Princess Pitts are the only toys to have children.
  • He refers to Chibi-Robo as "Funky-Robo" most of the time.
  • Using the Funky Sweat on other toys causes them to dance.
  • He allows Telly Vision to use his stage to sing Teriyaki Blues properly.
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