Chet is Chibi-Robo's manager in Chibi-Robo! Park Patrol. He is attached to the Chibi-House and can't leave it. He contacts Chibi-Robo while he is outside the Chibi-House via satellite and can see through Chibi-Robo's eyes. He gives Chibi-Robo advice and turns Happy Points into Watts at sunset. He will give Chibi-Robo some of his watts (50) if Chibi-Robo runs out of Watts and has no reserve watts. He was made by Citrusoft.

Chet also assists Chibi-Robo in activating Cartridges by taking them and inputting them into the system.


He is often quite forgetful, and appears to have a few panic attacks when he has something he has been hiding from Chibi-Robo.

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