Hoshcof Hoshcof 28 July 2020

My Research Resources

I don't typically write Blog Posts but I figured I should have a link to my playthrough somewhere on the wiki for other researchers. I haven't played Chibi-Robo! Plug Into Adventure! in roughly a decade, so I started a 100% playthrough on my Twitch channel and have been archiving the streams on my YouTube channel as well. I am taking notes while I play, keeping track of what actions get how many Happy Points, Moolah, etc., as well as several other small details. You can watch the archived playthrough yourself here. All of my notes and research materials are in a Google Drive folder found here, as well. Please use my research and help the wiki. Add to my research if you can or if I missed something.

Spread the happiness.

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CosmicBeetle CosmicBeetle 3 June 2020


chibi robo is cool

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Hoshcof Hoshcof 27 May 2019

Help rebuild the Chibi-Robo fan-base

I grew up playing Chibi-Robo! Plug Into Adventure! Because of it, I live my life wanting to make as many people happy as possible. It saddens me that there is no definitive source of information or wiki out there for others to discover the series.

I’m an admin and bureaucrat here on the Chibi-Robo wiki. It’s kind of a disaster at the moment and has been for far too long. I have the resources and tools to make it great, but I can’t do it alone. If you want to help revive the Chibi-Robo fan-base, please let me know. We need your help. Improve any pages that you can. You can join the discord server and talk with other fans as well as discuss what needs editing.

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Ganondairf Ganondairf 14 March 2019

Ganondairf’s Log 1: Signs of Life

After previously believing this wiki to be abandoned, a mysterious individual named “TacticalMaster” has decided to show their face.

They seem to not have much trust in me, they were attempting get the long inactive Admin to “interview” me about my removal of the Chibi-Show nonsense. They also warned them to be carful around me, saying that my “description seems antisocial”. I’m not quite sure what they mean by that. Does he mean my user page? Is referencing Duke Nukem referencing They Live considered antisocial behavior? Could it be my profile? Are Super Smash Bros. Melee references considered antisocial behavior?

In any case, I told them about the Admin’s inactivity and that they could interview me themselves. I am now awaiting a response. …

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Shideravan Shideravan 28 September 2014

What's your favorite CR game?

Mine is Plug into Adventure!

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Bommercannyboskov Bommercannyboskov 1 February 2014


Welcome to the NEW refurbished wikia.

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AnimeGirl33 AnimeGirl33 1 August 2013


Just courious, but who is the admin of this wiki? 

I am.Bommercannyboskov (talk) 03:35, February 2, 2014 (UTC)

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